Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Twisted Fork Bistro

My friends and I decided to go here for a gathering after our night class! We decided on French cuisine since we usually just settle for sushi or pho noodles. I was told the restaurant was really small so we might have to wait a bit for a table. Surprisingly, when we got there, only two tables were seated. Maybe perhaps we went on a Monday night :P

Interior - Bar
I didn't get to take a picture of other parts of the restaurant. But, they do have an open kitchen!
Cute "twisted fork" on the menu
Complimentary bread 
Definitely one of the better complimentary bread I have had! We were told by the waitress that the bread was fresh made. The butter was really soft; it sat on the bread very nicely. It melted in my mouth...so good!!
Duck Confit
Crisp confit duck leg served with bacon braised savoy cabbage, duck jus finished with house canned fruit ketchup
This is my favourite dish of all! There were some sort of veggies in the duck. It reminded me of Chinese preserved cabbage, which has a bit of tart flavour to it. I think the flavours of this dish blended together very well. 

Beef Shortribs (1) - beef and green beans on the crouton
Braised beef shortribs, off the bone served with sherry vinaigrette green beans, canned pears, house made BBQ sauce and baguette croutons
The beef shortribs wasn't really what we expected. It was definitely something different from the regular beef shortribs we normally eat. The beef was well marinated in the BBQ sauce; very juicy. But the beef is a bit stringy.
Fresh Mussels
One pound, with cream, herbs and fresh tomatoes, served with fries
My friends loved this dish! I thought it was kind of odd to serve mussels with fries. The fries were heavily salted. But the cream sauce was very delicious! It wasn't too heavy for cream sauce. The mussels did not have a fresh ocean taste, which was what I preferred. But, in general, the dish was not too spectacular.
Pan seared BC Halibut
Served with quinoa, swiss chard and grilled asparagus finished with a carrot chervil sauce and corn relish
I thought the highlight of this dish was the grilled asparagus. The halibut was a bit overcooked on the outside, which made it a bit rough. Definitely an interesting choice to serve it with quinoa though!

Overall, I thought the food was just alright. I think the biggest problem was the dishes were not hot enough. We should have went with the waitress' suggestion of serving the dishes one by one.

Location: 1147 Granville Street  Vancouver, BC V6Z 1M1

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