Thursday, 21 February 2013

Sakura Sushi: UNI UNI UNI!

Sorry for the MIA! Will be blogging more frequently now :)

This past week, I have been swamped with midterms and quizzes. To finish off a dreadful week AND to start off my reading break, I decided to check out Sakura Sushi's UNI NIGIRI! I have always wanted to try this place after looking at my friend's instagram pictures. I called them in advance at school so I can pick them up when I get to Brighouse station. The location of the restaurant is in Brighouse Station Square near Bob Sandwiches (very convenient location!). Sakura Sushi offers authentic Japanese sushi and sashimi. I believe their chefs are Japanese!

Sakura Sushi always have daily specials. You can always check their facebook page or their website. The day I went, their specials were uni nigiri ($1.50 each), uni sashimi ($9.50) and california rolls and dynamite rolls combo (12 pcs total).

The picture above shows uni nigiri, california roll and dynamite roll combo, Sakura sushi (top box in the left) and chopped scallop (top box in the right). ALL the sushi we got were fresh! I was quite surprised when I tried the dynamite rolls (inside with shrimp tempura). Usually, dynamite rolls consist of close-to-stale shrimps that they drench in batter to cover the taste. But, with this dynamite roll, you can taste the sweetness from the shrimps. Sakura sushi is worth trying as well! I believe it has either salmon or tuna in it along with crab meat and tamago. The roll was well made and did not fall apart.
Uni Nigiri - $1.50/pc
Uni, oh uni. Last time I had uni was at Seto Japanese Restaurant over a year ago! I never really had a "thing" for uni, per say. But, through viewing pictures of uni numerous of times on instagram has spiked my interest again! The uni from Sakura Sushi is fresh. It literally MELTS in your mouth. I would recommend eating it right away. Since I ordered take out, the seaweed became a bit soft and chewy.

Would I recommend Sakura sushi? OH YES.
I think I sense a uni feast with sake some time soon ;)

Sakura Sushi
#4-6390 No.3 Road
Richmond, B.C.
(Behind STAPLES)

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