Sunday, 30 September 2012

Foodie Trip #2: Meat & Bread

Yesterday, Ronald suggested we should have a foodie trip! He picked Meat & Bread in Gastown. I have always wanted to try after seeing so many pictures on Instagram and Facebook!!

Meat & Bread is basically a sub/sandwich store. The store itself is not very big. But they have 4 tables by the menu area, a long table which can probably seat 20-30 people and a long bar table by the kitchen/prep area (Sorry!! Forgot to take pictures :p). If you are going with a friend, I suggest that either you or your friend line up and the other go save seats! We went around 2 p.m. and there were quite a lot of people!

The menu features 4 different sandwiches. The daily special changes everyday. You can check their website or their twitter (@1meatandbread) to see their daily updates about their special!

Porchetta placed on top of the ciabatta bread
While you are lining up to order, you can watch them prepare the porchetta sandwiches! Porchetta is a savoury, boneless, moist pork roast. I think it is quite similar to Chinese roast pork!
First, they cut up the porchetta then the crispy skin. After, the cut up porchetta is placed on the freshly made ciabatta buns. To finish, they drizzle the salsa verde on top of the porchetta.

Wooden serving boards for the sandwiches
I like how they use wooden serving boards; it adds such a unique touch! Also the drop of mustard adds a nice finishing presentation.

Selection of drinks
There were a lot of people getting the apple cider. Perhaps I should give it a try next time ;)
Daily Special
BBQ Beef with Sesame Fennel and Apple Frisee Salad
Porchetta with Salsa Verde
I got the porchetta ($8) while Ronald wanted to try out the daily special ($9). I only finished half of the porchetta so I gave the rest to Ronald. He said the porchetta is definitely better than the beef.

I would definitely recommend trying the porchetta! It's so savoury and tender!!
Go check them out here! They have two locations in Vancouver :)

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