Saturday, 23 February 2013

Steveston Village: Sweet Spot Bakery

Told you I will post soon!

Well, today as usual, I was on Instagram looking at my friends' food pictures. And I came across a picture with couple of macarons with the caption "Sweet Spot Bakery". I immediately looked that up. And oh boy was I in luck! Sweet Spot Bakery happens to be located in Steveston Village (2 minutes drive from my house :P). So I decided to drop by to check out their macarons.

Unfortunately, when I arrived, there did not seem to be any macarons on display. So I asked when they will be done and the lady said in around 2 hours. That was probably a good thing since it gave me the opportunity to try out their other pastries. They have a wide range of pastries to choose from! Ranging from coconut macaroons to tiramisus!

One thing I noticed during my visit was, when the lady behind the counter was picking out the pastries I want, she used her bare hands to obtain the lemon tart. The lemon tart was not sitting on any aluminum foil or paper, which meant she was touching the tart directly. Then she proceeded to ring in my order. The shop should definitely be more cautious about food safety issues!

I ended up picking these 4 delicious looking sweets :) The top is Lemon Tart with Italian Meringue, to the right is White Chocolate Mousse with Lemon Curd and Citrus Shortbread, bottom is Pistachio & Chocolate Opera Cake and lastly Milk Chocolate Mousse with Pecan Brownie and Raspberry Gelée

Ronald and I tried the pistachio opera cake and paired it with Starbuck's Casi Cielo. The two really complemented each other. Casi Cielo is a dark roast with "lemon and dark cocoa notes". The cake itself has rich chocolate flavours with hints of pistachio. In between the layers, there are pistachio bits in the fillings. This opera cake is at the appropriate sweetness level and is great with black coffee!

I will be back to try their macarons!

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