Thursday, 9 August 2012

World Wrap Place

I decided to take a stroll in Gastown after my volunteer shift in North Van. I came across this wrap place on Water Street! It isn't exactly a restaurant but a booth on the street with two tables and a couple plastic chairs. I actually wanted to sit down in a restaurant and have a quick lunch...but I thought I would give this a try ;)

World Wrap Place Menu
World Wrap Place - info sign
Small Mexican Chicken Wrap (without red onions)
Chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, fresh hot Jalapenos, sliced mushrooms, salsa and lots of Mozzarella
Half eaten small Mexican chicken wrap
I ordered the small Mexican chicken wrap because most likely I won't be able to finish a large...I wasn't sure of their portions. I opted out of the red onions...the raw onion taste is so displeasing :( Then the man (probably owner) who was making my wrap asked if I want medium or very spicy; I ended up getting medium! He popped the pita bread in the microwave to warm it up. While it was heating up, he went to the rotating spin to cut the donair meat (first time trying this :D!)

I was quite shocked about how generous they were with their portions. I thought the wrap that I got was probably considered "large". The chicken was marinated very nicely. The spices were quite different...never tried anything like this before. I had to take out the Jalapeno peppers after eating half of the was too spicy!

Rating: 3/5
Definitely something interesting to try! I wish they had more seats outside the booth though. But if you are in the area and looking for a quick lunch, give this a try!

Location: 68 Water St  Ste 101         VancouverBC V6B 1A7

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