Monday, 13 August 2012

Mini Post - Lupins Cafe on Grouse Mountain

My close group of friends have planned to do the Grouse Grind for a long time...and we finally went yesterday!

After a long 2.9 km hike up the mountain, we decided to reward ourselves with a fattening poutine!

I haven't tried much poutines before, probably only from New York Fries and Pit Pub from the SUB at UBC. I was told that if the cheese curd "squeaks" when you bite into it, then it is considered "good" cheese curds :P But unfortunately this one did not squeak :(

The fries of this poutine were amazingggg! Not sure if they were double cooked but they were sooo crispy! But my favourite fries are still the ones from A&W...though the ones at A&W seem much more oily. The gravy was not overly seasoned with salt.

Rating: 4/5
I was disappointed that the cheese curds didn't squeak :( but otherwise, it was really good! Definitely did not expect this from a cafe on Grouse Mountain.

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