Saturday, 23 February 2013

Lai Taste 瀨之味: Best Parker Place food!

Lai Taste is my go-to place when I am getting food at Parker Place. They are famous for their Portugese Pork Chop Buns (not shown), which costs only $3.50 (or $3.75, I forget) including a drink. It is such a good deal because the bun is enough to fill me up!

My favourite is their fried chicken noodles ($6.00-$6.75) *note: cold drinks are $1 additional. They let you choose from a variety of noodles. I usually go with lai fun (thick vermicelli noodles).
The chicken strips are fried perfectly; enough to give it a slight crunch. The chicken skin has a hint of lemongrass. It comes with a sweet and sour dipping sauce that complements the chicken quite well.

However, most food court food have M.S.G. added, and I suspect this place to be the same. I am always thirsty after consuming their food. Nonetheless, their food is still my favourite in Parker Place.

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