Monday, 24 September 2012

Day 1 in Hong Kong!

Yayyy finally have time for another blog post!
I probably won't be able to post pictures of things I ate every day in Hong Kong, but I will try to show you all the highlights :)

Hong Kong is truly a foodies heaven :P

Breakfast at Maxim
Luncheon meat with egg instant noodles and iced lemon tea
 I would say this is a very "traditional" fast food breakfast in Hong Kong. I a nutritional science student, I should know better than having instant noodles for breakfast :P But was REALLY good!

Dinner at Watami Japanese Restaurant in Tseung Kwan O Shopping Mall

For our Beef Udon Hot Pot

Beef Udon Hot Pot

Salmon, shrimp, scallop sushi roll

Beef and egg rice

My drink :) Passion fruit and mango bubble tea

Beef Udon Hot Pot

I was recommended to try out Watami from my bf, Ronald (Hi!! If you are reading this :P). Basically, it is a Japanese Fusion Restaurant. I thought it was pretty good! The highlight was definitely the beef hot pot. The soup base was DELICIOUS! It was very rich in flavour; went really well with the udon :) I think there are various Watami locations in Hong Kong...not too sure; but we went to the one in Tseung Kwan O Shopping Mall.

I believe there is a Watami in Richmond (across from Lansdowne), but I heard it is not as great. Maybe someone can try and let me know :)

Thank you for the recommendation :D

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