Saturday, 17 November 2012

Steveston Village: Outpost Mini Donuts Co.

Yeeeeeeeee! Donuts :)
I have ALWAYS wanted to try this place! Actually, ever since Ronald and I walked passed by the store...:P
The window display of the shop looked really cute and dainty the last time we walked by!

Christmas theme window display
I didn't take a picture of the interior. The store is not too big! When you enter, you can see their open kitchen. On the left there is a fireplace with a sofa. So cozy :)
Assorted mini donuts - some Christmas specials                     

Frying area
My favourites were caramel apple (new, I believe!), cinnamon sugar and homemade maple! You may think this is like Timbits, but NO! Timbits is just coats and coats of sugar.  The flavours are all unique! My sister really liked the wild blackberry!

I highly recommend this cozy donut store! The ladies working there were very nice! Next time, I will definitely stay and enjoy my donuts in the store :)

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