Saturday, 17 November 2012

UBC: The Moon

Update for October - I did not go to any of the places on my list. :( Maybe after final exams...

This was actually my lunch couple weeks ago! I haven't had time to write up a blog post. But here it is!
I got this meal combo at The Moon in UBC SUB's basement. I remember when I was in first year, this meal combo (combo A) was only $3.75. Now it costs $5!
Combo A consists of choice of fried rice/fried noodles and a choice of sides. For sides, they usually have stir-fry veggies, fried chicken wings, sweet and sour pork and something else :P. I go for the chicken wings every time!

The chickens are very crispy. But some times, I don't think the chicken tastes too fresh...and the fried batter masks that taste. So I don't eat this very often! Also, I prefer the fried rice over the noodles as the noodles tend to be kind too dry in my opinion.
This is lunch box fills me up every time! Definitely worth the price (since everything else in the SUB is so expensive...)

Check them out if you are craving for Chinese food :)

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