Friday, 19 October 2012

Ikea Restaurant: Swedish Meatballs

First time I ever had Ikea food was when I went to Portland with my family a year or two ago! Of course, the prices were cheaper and portions were bigger.

I have been to the old Ikea probably gazillion times, but have not tried their food. But I suspect all Ikea foods should taste the same. My sister, Kimmie, had a sudden craving for Ikea food (meatballs, to be specific), so we decided to go after I got off work!

The set up of the "restaurant" is pretty much like a cafeteria. You grab a tray, pass it along the tray line and just take what you want to eat!
Garlic Bread
(Left to Right) Meatballs, Salmon, Ribs
(Left to Right) Haddock, Fries
Swedish meatballs with gravy, lingonberry jam, and fries (top)
Swedish meatballs with gravy, lignonberry jam, and mashed potatoes (bottom)
So we both ended up getting 15 meatballs ($3.99 for Mondays-Fridays; $5.99 for Saturday&Sunday). You get to pick your own choice of sides (fries, mashed potatoes, pasta with tomato sauce, vegetables or salad). I decided to go with the mashed potatoes while Kimmie got the fries. 
The texture of the meatballs was soft and meaty. Don't expect it to be like Chinese fish/beef balls! I wasn't particularly fond of the lingonberry jam. I thought it was an odd complement to the savoury meatballs and gravy. I really enjoyed the mashed potatoes though! The texture is very creamy and smooth; just how I like my mashed potatoes. I took a couple of Kimmie's fries and thought they were just alright (nothing special).

For $3.99, I really couldn't ask for more! I think after Kimmie and I finished up, we didn't eat dinner but instead had a snack later at night.

My mouth is watering as I reminisce on this lovely meal :P Ikea date anyone?

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