Monday, 8 October 2012

王記台灣牛肉麵 Wang's Taiwan Beef Noodle House

Today I went out for dinner with my parents. My dad suggested to go to Wang's Taiwan Beef Noodle House because he was got really tired of the Chinese food in Richmond. Since Wang's located on Granville Street, it's pretty convenient for us.

Cute teacup
I thought their choice of teacup was quite cute; well, for a noodles house :P
Fried Wonton
I am not a fan of fried food, but my sister insisted me to try it. I guess this is the "Taiwanese" style fried wonton. Inside is minced beef with a glutinous texture. The fried texture on the outside contrasts with the sticky interior which made it quite interesting!
Marinated Pork Hooves 
My parents ordered this. I am not a fan of pork hooves, so I didn't try it. But my parents enjoyed it. I believe it was only around $3.75 (another reason why my dad got it!).

Chicken Noodles

Minced pork on rice with marinated hard-boiled egg
For their noodles soup, you get to choose your choice of noodles (thick, thin, or vermicelli). I was told by my parents that their thick noodles are the best, so I decided to go with that! I was really glad they didn't serve the chicken on the noodles, otherwise the fried chicken would be all soggy. I thought the chicken noodles wasn't anything spectacular. But since I love chicken so much, I had two small bowls of this!

Beef Noodles
This was the highlight of the meal! I love how the beef briskets had a little bit of tendons in it. This made it extra chewy! I would definitely prefer this over Chef Hung's beef noodles due to the portion size of the noodles. This was around $8 whereas Chef Hung's is around $10 but with smaller portions. The soup base was very rich, but too oily for me to drink.

Give Wang's a try if you are a beef noodles fan :) Though I have not tried authentic Taiwanese beef noodles, I was told this comes really close to it!

8390 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC V6P 4Z7

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